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The Celebrity CEO Chris DeBlasio

For most people, Chris DeBlasio is an actor that has filmed in some of the movies in Hollywood but the thing is that he is more than that. Chris DeBlasio has been in the movie business for years as an actor but he then thought of been a producer and became one. Chris DeBlasio owns several businesses and he is also the CEO of Agency 850 which is a marketing company that deals with ads and filming. Chris DeBlasio even went to school in New Jersey where he go to study about acting and this is how e got to be such a great and professional actor. Through him studying on acting he managed to get very successful in the movies he was featured in and this is really interesting. To him he acted with a passion and this is why so many people are just drawn to him and his work. The other thing about Chris Deblasio is the fact that he is very hard working and this is seen through how he studies acting and also gets to be working on sales and advertising. He spent his time during the day in working in sales and the night on acting classes.

Chris DeBlasio has managed to make his name as a celebrity and also a business man who knows what he is doing in the business world. This is why so many people respect him as he is a man who knows what he is doing and does thing in the right way. Chris is also known for his film production company that he used to get to bring to air his first series which was called Insurance Wars. This series was a series that he had produced and directed and this turned out to be a great step into his life as he continued to produce more and more movies. Chris Deblasio is the kind of man that the young generation should look up to and understand that been a celebrity is not as easy as it seems. One has to work hard and sod so much to attain the success they are looking for.

Chris DeBlasio is also very dedicated in helping the young actors get to achieve in their lives and be very responsible even if they get to e celebrities. Chris DeBlasio is the kind of people who know what they are needed to do so that they can get to have what they need. This makes him the Chris Deblasio celebrity CEO. Find out some more facts about film production through

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